Best Cultural Destinations When Traveling

Australia is a country with such a rich culture and it will demand to have a firsthand experience to be able to fully understand it. You need to be in places where Australian culture is well defined so that you can know how it was before the modernization and the changes that have resulted from modernization.  Below are some of the best cultural destination you should endeavor to visit:

  • Uluru (Ayers Rock): this is a location that has a spiritual significance as well as an inspiring landscape. This location has been acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage site and it is only a 5 hours’ drive when coming from Alice Springs. You will enjoy watching the sun going down as you lie beneath it. You will need to visit this place to fully understand the lives of the indigenous people of Australia.
  • Broome: This is a coastal town that is located in Kimberly where there are picturesque beaches as well as other tourists’ attractions. You can take a camel ride along the beaches or visit the Heritage Center where you will learn more about the different Australian cultures. There are also other features that you will enjoy such as Cape Leveque, Horizon Falls and Roebuck Bay which will make your Australian travel adventures more fulfilling.
  • Melbourne: This is a great destination if you are interested in knowing more about the modern culture in Australia. You will find museums, art galleries, theatres, and different pieces of artwork that defines the modern Australian culture.

The wonderful architectures and the cultural landmarks are a sight to behold and to make it even better, you can ask for a guide who will be able to take you round the cultural-rich city.

  • Barossa Valley: This is a location that is rich in vineyards giving the landscape a breathtaking look. You will also be able to enjoy the best food in Australia as well as the finest wine. Barossa is located in Adelaide which is recognized as the wine capital of Australia and you can, therefore, be assured that you will get the best experiences as you tour this great and beautiful city.
  • Blue Mountains: whenever you visit Blue Mountains, which is located in West Sydney, you will get to see the beautiful natural scenery and rugged mountains as well. Taking a bushwalk as you enjoy the natural habitat and the amazing Jenolan Caves, you will have an amazing time. Through the guide who will be taking you though, you will be able to learn the amazing culture and the history of the indigenous communities that lived there.

You can never get enough of Australia as there will always be a great site to behold as you enjoy the delicacies specially prepared by the best team. You can choose a destination based on what interests you, if you love going modern, Melbourne is the place to be but if you want to learn about the rich culture of the indigenous Australia people, get to places like Uluru where you will not only learn about the culture but you will also get behold the inspiring landscape.


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