Fuel Saving Tips When Traveling

It is thrilling to go on a road tour in Australia as you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and also have the freedom to make stopovers at any place and at any time you want. However, looking at the cost of fuel your car or a campervan will consume can be a great limitation especially if you do not know of ways you can reduce the number of dollars you will be spending on fuel. Here are some great tips on ways you can do this:

  • Fuel on the right day of the week: fuel prices are not the same every day in Australia. If you will be able to buy your fuel on Tuesday or Wednesday you will be able to save up to 15% on the cost of fuel since it is cheaper on these days.
  • Get fuel vouchers: Most of the major petrol stations in Australia are owned by Coles and Woolworths and to get more customers, they offer great discounts to their customers. To qualify for the discounts customers are required to sign up as members and they will be given discount vouchers every time an offer is activated. No payment is required to register as a member.
  • Carry a fuel can with you: The prices of fuel in some parts of Australia is very high and if they are part of your travel adventure, the best idea would be to buy fuel in places where the prices are lower and carry it in a can. This will save you a lot of dollars which you will put to good use.
  • Travel as a group: You can get some people who are going on the same adventure as you are and share a vehicle instead of traveling alone. This will ensure that you will share the cost of fuel making you spend less and still enjoy your travel adventure in Australia.
  • In case you run out of fuel in a place where the fuel prices are very high, only fuel enough to take you to a place where prices are lower.
  • Driving your vehicle at a speed of 90km/hr to 100km/hr will ensure a lesser fuel consumption than driving at a speed of 110mk/hr.
  • Whenever possible, avoid stacking items on the roof rack as they will create a wind drag that will increase the fuel consumption by up to 10%. If you must stack some of the provisions on the roof, an aerodynamic roof rack is the best option.

When traveling Australia, only carry the necessary items to avoid adding unnecessary weight to the vehicle with items that you can do without in your journey. You should also ensure that you get a GPS map with you so that you will not get lost along the way which will lead to unnecessary consumption of fuel. It will also be necessary to drive with your windows closed as leaving them open will increase the wind drag leading to the consumption of more fuel.

Ensuring that the engine is well maintained as well as the vehicle as a whole will also help in saving on your expenditures in your travels around Australia.